Retro Reverb Records review of my track Miami Nights

Miami Nights - Mantus... There’s a great feeling of energy about “Miami Nights” by Mantus as those bright arps wheel out into the track and the classic synthwave drumbeat accelerates the music forward. A second and more airy arpeggiation spins into the music over the bass and drum throb. This was a piece of music that conjured up the feeling of passing under the neon glow of city lights as the night winds blows on your face. The main synth line has a very upbeat and energetic quality as it dances through the music. This is a piece that shines and glides along easily. There are wind-like sounds that float through as glowing, lustrous sensations fill the listener’s ears. Everything in this track fused together to generate something bright and smooth. The combination of shiny arps, that addictive beat and smooth flow created a track that captures the best parts of the original synthwave sound.

Miami Nights out now on Bandcamp

Great review of my new EP!


The shadows hand

Not 1 but 2 tracks of mine are uploaded today on the shadows hand's youtube channel!!!!— 🇳🇱 (@MantusMusic) March 6, 2020

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